insert tips

There are 3 types of insert tips:
  • sharp - The sharp edge of the insert tip enables gentle and effective treatment of bony structures. The sharp insert tips are used in osteotomy and osteoplasty, whenever a fine and well-defined cut in the bone structure concerned is required. There are also insert tips with sharp edges that are used for osteoplasty techniques and/or harvesting bone chips.
  • smooth - The smoothing insert tips have diamond surfaces enabling precise and controlled work on the bone structures. Smoothing insert tips are used in osteotomy when it is necessary to prepare difficult and delicate structures, for example those for preparing a sinus window or for access to a nerve. In osteoplasty, smoothing insert tips are used to obtain the final bone shape.
  • blunt - Blunt insert tips are used to prepare the soft tissue, for example for elevating the Schneider's membrane or for lateralising nerves. In periodontology, these insert tips are used for root planing.

The colours of the insert tips:

  • gold - for all insert tips used to treat bone. The golden colour of the insert tips is obtained by the titanium nitride coating to improve surface hardness, which means that their working life may be longer (bone power)
  • steel - for all insert tips used to treat soft tissues or delicate surfaces such as the roots of teeth (root power)
Collection of tips